Introducing Janet Hannah


Hi. I’m Janet Hannah and I like to read and write mysteries.

My first mystery, The Wish to Kill, was published in 1999 by Soho Press.  The amateur detective who is the hero of this book and the two other books published so far is Alex Kertész, a biochemist who was born in Hungary and lives in Jerusalem.

Here’s what Booklist had to say about The Wish to Kill:

“First-novelist Hannah has hit upon an engaging premise: a mystery series starring a research scientist working at the University of Jerusalem.  Alex Kertész is a handsome DNA researcher with a bad marriage, a good kid, and a lab full of in-fighting colleagues.  When one of the latter is killed in an explosion in his lab, the official verdict is accidental death, but Alex is intrigued by the testimony of another colleague that she has the power to wish someone dead.  This bit of mysticism troubles the scientist and prompts him to launch an investigation.  Hannah throws multiple balls into the air here, and although she manages to catch only a few of them, most readers will cut her a little slack.  She has the makings of a good series: a sympathetic hero and an intriguing, nicely evoked setting (both Jerusalem and the research lab).”

The reviewer goes on to say that I failed to develop the “wish to kill” idea.  In my defense I would like to explain that in fact I developed the idea to the limit that current knowledge allows.  This aspect of the book is not based on imagination but is an honest effort to present the subject of killing by the power of thought.  Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to present definite conclusions.




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