Book Review


Irreparable Harm, Inadvertent Disclosure, and Irretrievably Broken are the first three mysteries by Melissa F. Miller starring feisty female lawyer Sasha McCandless.  I liked the first one (free on Kindle) enough to immediately buy the second one, and enjoyed that enough to proceed to the third, which was a bit of a letdown.

I liked the easy writing style, attractive heroine, well constructed plot, and convincing legal background.  Usually fictional superstar lawyer heroes are men; female hotshots are invariably villains.  It’s nice that Miller has made McCandless an unabashed legal star.  It’s also nice that she has given her the impressive self-defense skills usually attributed to fictional males.  There’s one small problem with this, though – Ms McCandless is tiny, weighing less than 100 pounds.  I don’t know this for sure, but I’m afraid that it’s misleading to suggest that a tiny woman, even one with krav maga training, can overcome large, armed men.

The well constructed plot part is where book number three falls down, in my opinion.  I have the impression that it was done in too much of a hurry.  I’m sorry, but it doesn’t really come together.


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