Book Review – John Lescroart


“John Lescroart’s writing skills are a national treasure.”  I have read a lot of his books, which are always well written and entertaining, but The Hunter comes closest to deserving this quote from The Huffington Post.

Lescroart writes mysteries with a strong legal and police background, but with The Hunter he also provides a well-rounded novel that includes both a murder mystery and a mystery involving the origins of an adopted child.  There is also a love story, in case anything was missing to round out the plot.

Lescroart sticks to the setting he obviously knows best, namely San Fransisco, the city, its environs, its history, and its politics.  And last but not least, its weather, a natural phenomenon in its own right.  Lescroart is also loyal to his cast of characters, the police detectives, lawyers, and investigators who people each of his books.

Private investigator Wyatt Hunt, a secondary player in many of Lescroart’s books, is the main character in the Hunter.  He’ll need a long rest after everything the author puts him through here.


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