City of the Lost, by Will Adams


Will Adams has written a satisfying thriller set in Turkey and Cyprus and based on both current and ancient historical, or perhaps legendary, events.  The plot lines meet when the passion of antiquities collectors for ancient artifacts interferes with the plans of some military and political figures.

His description of the workings of the Turkish government, including the tension and conflict between the military and civilian authorities, could be taken straight out of the daily papers and provides a plausible scenario for engineering a change of government in that country.

My impression is that Mr. Adams is a nice person.  This impression is based on the positive characters he has created to tell his story, including ex British special forces member Iain Black, Dutch archeologist Karin Visser, and Turkish prime minister Deniz Bastürk.  In fact he is probably an exceptionally nice person, since he finds good qualities even in the “bad” characters.  So I was disappointed at suspicious signs of political correctness run amok.  The Grey Wolves who figure in this story are a violent ultra-nationalist group that still exists in Turkey.   Mr. Adams implies that they, along with all the neo-nazis in today’s Europe, were somehow created by the CIA.

Come to think of it, this odd accusation is inserted into the plot fairly awkwardly, so maybe it was foisted on Mr. Adams by an editor who was uncomfortable with a roster of villains that didn’t include the CIA.


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