Vampire Romance – Book Review


Once upon a time, in a more innocent age, Bram Stoker conjured up vampires who live in castles in Romania.  Ann Rice brought them to the shores of the New World, but they were still just as dangerous, exotic and mysterious  You know for sure that vampires have become as humdrum as chewing gum when you come across a vampire named Bill.

The heroine of Charlaine Harris’s Dead Until Dark is a cocktail waitress in Louisiana who happens to be telepathic, but the real surprise is her boyfriend Bill, who has to be the world’s nicest vampire.

Several murders take place in the course of the story, but it’s really about Sookie and the lovely Bill.  If only he wasn’t dead…

This book is part of a series and also, as I have just found out, a television series.  Now there’s talk about making the musical.



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