Who Is Pittacus Lore?


Whoever he (or she) is, they have written a warm and sentimental fantasy/thriller about two alien races from other galaxies who are warring over planet Earth.

John Smith (not his real name) is the eponymous Number Four in “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore.  He’s the fourth of nine alien children who were sent to Earth, with a guardian for each, in order to survive long enough to develop their super powers and conquer the brutal race which has destroyed their planet and now intends to destroy Earth.

It seems like a hopeless proposition, so it’s not too surprising that they haven’t succeeded by the end of this book, leaving those curious about the outcome to read the sequels.

It should be irresistible to all thriller addicts except teenage boys, who will be making frantic efforts to keep their mothers from reading it and comparing them with super-son John Smith.


* * * *

I Am Number Four was such a good read that I immediately read books two, three, and four in the series.  Yes, it’s obviously geared for the young adult market (which doesn’t include me), but like the Harry Potter books, is enjoyable for all ages.  Unfortunately, after reading all four books I’m getting a little tired of the super-sensitive super-boy and still don’t know whether or not Earth survives.  There are a bunch more books in a related series, and apparently more on the way, but I don’t know whether I have the stamina to continue.


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