Supernatural Thriller – Kindle Book Review


Verliege by Michael Rivers is described as a supernatural thriller but also contains a puzzling mystery, namely, why does an author who is supposedly from North Carolina write such distractingly odd English? My theory is that the author’s name is a pseudonym and actually the book was translated from Hungarian by a computer program.

The book deals with a thoroughly haunted castle in Germany and presumably is based on the authors experiences as a ghost hunter. I would be interested to hear about those experiences, and to know whether he ever came across a ghost. The characters in the book follow what seems to be a time-honored custom of hunting for ghosts at night. Why? Is there any reason not to look for them during the day, other than that it’s easier to think you see something that isn’t there in dim light?

Although I’m skeptical about the existence of ghosts, I’m convinced that some so-called paranormal phenomena are real. The Wish to Kill, the first Alex Kertesz mystery, explores the possibility that thoughts can kill (see The Wish to Kill by Janet Hannah on Amazon).


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