Review of Free Kindle Books


Here’s a short overview of free books available for Kindle. In my opinion (after an admittedly small sample), you get more or less what you pay for. Of course there are many dull and/or poorly written books that are not free, but at least they have generally been checked for typos.

Actually, only one out of three free books was uninteresting and sloppy enough to be unreadable, and I won’t mention the title. The other two were quite enjoyable.

The Mynn’s Mystery, by George Fenn, was full of typos and featured highly suspect period dialogue, but was such good fun that it was worth getting into the spirit of the thing, dastardly villains, shrinking maiden , and all.

Invisible, by Lorena McCourtney, belongs to the old lady sleuth genre and is done better than several I have read that are probably more successful. The invisibility in the title refers to the situation in our society of the elderly, who are often unnoticed to the point of being in effect invisible. McCourtney gets points for realizing that this kind of invisibility could be a useful asset for a detective.

I’m encouraged to try out more free books. Some of them are obviously good reads, and anyway, what have I got to lose?


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