“An imaginative tour de force”


This blurb on the cover of The Descent, by Jeff Long, took the words right out of my mouth. The Descent describes in extreme, or more accurately gruesome, detail an entire new world under our feet, accessible through mines and caves all over the planet. As might be expected, many types of people are drawn to this new frontier, including scientists eager to study it, unscrupulous tycoons primed to exploit it, and soldiers determined to conquer it. It has to be conquered first of all, because it is already inhabited. And just to make things more interesting, there are some who conclude that since these are the nether regions, the devil will be found there.

This is a long book (572 pages in my paperback version), so there is ample space for descriptions of impressive underground geology, a road saga following the tribulations of a scientific expedition in unknown territory, musings on bigotry, a love story, and the quest for Satan.

I enjoyed it.


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