Astrology – Book Review


I believe or am open minded about many of the things lumped under the category “paranormal”, but astrology isn’t one of them.  I think astrology was a valiant attempt to understand what made people different from each other before the discovery of DNA, just as it was reasonable to attempt to transmute lead into gold before the advent of modern chemistry.

So I was all set to brush off the premise of Karen Irving’s book, Pluto Rising, whose heroine is a professional astrologer.  But in fact astrologer Kay Klein is a trained psychologist who uses star charts as a source of inspiration for psychological analysis, just as a “successful” fortune teller might use a crystal ball as an accessory while making a psychological assessment of a client.  Since understanding human behavior is still more an art than a science, anything that helps to inspire the intuition that a good psychologist depends on is worth trying.

Astrological mumbo jumbo aside, this is an entertaining mystery set in a sweltering Ottawa summer.

(For a mystery involving esp, and specifically killing by the power of thought, see The Wish to Kill, by Janet Hannah)


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