The Power of Thought


The wish to kill

“Go to hell!” Alex said.  He was alone in the room and he said it under his breath, in Hungarian.  Even so, the word hell had barely passed his lips when a violent explosion echoed down the corridor in answer to his command.

After an instant of stunned disbelief he jumped out of his chair and ran past the dark, deserted laboratories toward the source of the noise.  Tendrils of foul-smelling smoke drifted out of the doorway of the one lighted lab.  It belonged to Ilan Falk, the man he had just been thinking about.


The opening sentences of The Wish to Kill describe what seems to be a tragic accident in a research laboratory at the University of Jerusalem.  Of course, accidents happen.  They can also be made to happen.  Does making them happen require a physical act, or is it possible that a life can be ended by the power of thought?  This question is at the heart of The Wish to Kill, the first Alex Kertész mystery.


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