Two Thrillers


I have just read two thrillers back to back, and they have a lot in common; the bad guys in both are fanatical Islamists, and both books are ridiculous.  The big difference between them is that only the good one is ridiculous on purpose.

Christopher Farnsworth’s “Blood Oath” postulates that America faces supernatural as well as human enemies, and that there is a vampire, sworn to obey the president, who is our secret weapon against the forces of evil.  This vampire has a strict code of ethics and although he keeps reminding the people he works with that he isn’t human, he is in fact more human and much more likable than the supposedly human protagonist of the second book.

According to the book’s cover Matthew Dunn, the author of “Spycatcher”, conducted approximately seventy successful missions during a career as an MI6 field officer.  This has given him the expertise to describe a lot of military hardware in what is no doubt authentic detail, but his hero is one of the least convincing or attractive  fictional  “humans” ever deployed by an intelligence service.

I hope I’m correct in believing that if American and British agents find that a French team is unwittingly intruding into an operation, they generally find a better way to solve the problem than murdering the whole French team.  But no fear – although Dunn’s super spy hero orders the elimination of the unfortunate French, he actually feels bad for a few minutes when he realizes that he has just killed a good friend.

The vampire is the nicer guy.


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