Another Two Thrillers


John Lescroart is a really good writer.  His alter ego, lawyer Dismas Hardy, always provides courtroom drama in addition to Perry Mason type detective work to ultimately prove that his client is innocent and SODDIT (some other dude did it).

My only complaint with The Ophelia Cut is that Lescroart has become too good; the innocent client may not be innocent, the alibi that turns up at the last minute to save him is probably a lie, and the motives of the law enforcement personnel are anything but pure.  I picked up a book for light entertainment, and got Dostoevsky.

Robin Burcell is more like it.  The Dark Hour has agents from a fictional super-secret U.S government agency battling highly placed conspirators who are trying to change the world.  The good guys whiz from country to country, from one implausible scenario to another, providing plenty of action and a minimal amount of blood and gore.  Even John Lescroart appreciated the relief it provided from his own morass of moral ambiguity – a cover blurb says, “Burcell Scores Big.” John Lescroart.


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