Karahountj, the Armenian Stonehenge




Armenia, 2015 118 Karahountj

Karahountj (“kara” means “stone” in Armenian) is an ancient arrangement of huge stones on a high plateau in southeastern Armenia.  The perfectly circular holes drilled in many of the monoliths suggest to some that it may have served as an observatory of the stars, and there is even a theory that it specifically was meant to align with stars of the Swan constellation 7,500 years ago.  Debunkers point out that the holes are too large to allow such specific focus and earthquakes have probably moved the rocks after they were installed (even assuming that those ancients considered the same group of stars to be in a specific constellation, swan, eagle, or or other) as we do today.

A more prosaic theory is that the holes were made to allow the stones to be dragged to their locations.  The pro-astrology group say the holes in the thinnest parts of the rocks would make them liable to fracture; on the other hand, it’s a lot harder to drill a hole through several feet of solid rock.

Any suggestions?


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