Wanted – New Category for Mystery Fiction


Tom Piccirilli’s 2009 “Shadow Season” has plenty of rave review excerpts on the cover, and they’re all true.  It’s very well done suspense, and has what as far as I know is one completely original facet; the hero/detective is blind, but nevertheless plays his part fully, figuring out who has done what and physically fighting the bad guys.  It may even actually be true that someone who was a policeman with fighting skills and good reflexes before he was blinded could hold his own in a close-contact physical fight.

Good as it is, it’s not my favorite kind of reading entertainment because gritty realism isn’t my taste.  This brings me to the subject of this post, which is the need for an additional category to describe mystery/crime fiction, a category for books that have minimal gore but are not “cozy”.  Why should the fact that I don’t want to wallow in bodily effusions automatically mean that I want to read about women baking cupcakes?

I  need a name for books that have entertaining characters, interesting settings, minimal gore, and a protagonist who doesn’t dither.  Books like Death of a Gypsy,  which I have just published in the Kindle store.



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