The Skull Mantra


“Shan Tao Yun is a former investigator for the Chinese government who once got a little too close to the truth.  Now he breaks rocks in a Tibetan prison camp high in the Himalayas.  Only the remarkable courage of the Buddhist monks who are his fellow prisoners gives him the will to survive.”

I can’t do better than the description on the cover of Eliot Pattison’s book, published in 2000.  The plot of this remarkable book has detective Yun pulled out of his labor unit by the local Chinese commander to investigate a bizarre killing that threatens to disrupt the entire region.  It’s a great story, involving an American mining concession, Tibetan sorcerers, corrupt Chinese officials, and the Buddhist resistance, but the most interesting aspect of it, in my opinion, is the background of the ongoing tragic situation of Tibet.


Labor Day Special

Murder with a French Accent   is free in the Kindle store from September 4th through September 8th.  In this Biotechnology-based mystery, microbiologist Alex Kertész visits the biotech company in Toulouse that has acquired the rights to a genetically engineered organism developed in his lab in Jerusalem.  It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the company is in big trouble, and industrial espionage is only part of it.



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