Tourist Season


Tourist Season, by Carl Hiaasen, could be called a comic thriller.  It’s a relatively old book, published in 1986, which doesn’t detract from the plot or the message (and there is a message), but brings home how much our world has changed in a relatively short time.  The characters use typewriters and don’t have cell phones.

A cover blurb by Tony Hillerman calls the book  “lively”, and “fun”.  True enough, but some of the fun is pretty gruesome.

We are in Miami, where a strangely assorted group of misfits is trying to protect the environment and redress the wrongs done to Indians and Blacks by feeding tourists to a crocodile.  The agenda of the group is eloquently expressed by a popular newspaper columnist, giving the impression that these are really the heartfelt opinions of Mr. Hiassen.  I hope that he vented sufficiently by writing this book and hasn’t actually fed anybody to a crocodile.


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