The Grandma Moses of the Printed Page


I have just read my first book by Fern Michaels.  It was Kiss and Tell, published in 2014, a book that takes up the adventures of Annie and Myra, two wealthy ladies who apparently have appeared in many previous books as members of the Vigilantes.  As the name says, they are vigilantes.  They right wrongs and dispense rough justice to wrongdoers.

If there is such a thing as a naive style in writing, the literary equivalent of Grandma Moses’ style in painting, this is it.   Pleasant, homey, women bake pies in cozy kitchens, Blushing young men are adopted as honorary grandsons by formidable old ladies, and Annie and Myra blithely flaunt the law with no repercussions.    Oh yes, and Myra’s husband, a former British secret agent, has become an American citizen and produces a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner for a large number of people all by himself, just before the presidential helicopter alights in the front yard and wafts him away.

The wrongdoer in this story is a Wall Street con man with a Ponzi scheme, and it’s all quite entertaining.


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