David Baldacci – The Escape


The Escape, published by David Baldacci in 2014, is the third book in a series of thrillers starring military police investigator John Puller and his brother.  Serendipitously, I had read the first two books, so I actually had the story in chronological order and got an answer to the question left hanging after books one and two – how did John’s super-smart brother, a former high level government employee, end up in prison?  It’s David Baldacci, so of course the book is well written and entertaining.

It’s interesting to note which enemies of America are chosen by thriller writers for their works of fiction at various times.  These are people who specialize in leaps of the imagination based on facts, so our military and diplomatic planners might learn something by reading their imagined scenarios.  In this 2014 publication, Baldacci suggests a new surge of anti-American activity by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, not a bad prediction.

I appreciate true-blue heroes who can always be counted on to do the right thing, and nasty villains who have no redeeming features.  but I have a small problem with villains who can assassinate members of the intelligence apparatus at will, one after another, and get away with it.  Surely, that couldn’t happen?



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