The Seventh Witch


Shirley Damsgaard’s “The Seventh Witch”, published in 2010, follows several previous books featuring semi-reluctant witch Ophelia Jensen.  In this story Ophelia and her family return to the  mountains of North Carolina to join the rest of the clan in celebrating the 100th birthday of Great Aunt Mary.  There she’s drawn into a feud with a rival witch who also competes with her for the interest of her soon-to-be boy friend.  I’m sorry I missed the earlier books, but probably not sorry enough to go back and look for them.

I’m sorry I missed them because, apparently like Damsgaard, I’m convinced that many aspects of supposed witchcraft are real and awaiting scientific explanations.  I don’t know which of the examples of witchcraft in this book represent phenomena Damsgaard has witnessed (although I dare to guess that she never saw the “house fairy”)  but for my part, the apparently para-normal events in The Wish to Kill , the murder mystery that is my attempt to bring these phenomena up for discussion, all represent personal experience.

I probably won’t go back to look for the books about Ophelia that I missed because I have a problem with a woman old enough to have a teenage daughter who says to herself, “Jeez, Jensen, ….”.


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