Lawyers; can’t stand them, can’t do without them!


Mark Gimenez is a lawyer, so lawyers can’t complain that he tells lawyer jokes in his murder mystery/novel (published in 2005) The Colour of Law.  I’m not a lawyer but I can’t resist adding one, because I’ve heard better lawyer jokes than the ones Gimenez includes.  Here’s one of them:

A young lawyer is furious when he meets the gatekeeper at the entrance to Heaven.  “This is a terrible mistake!” he fumes.  “I’m only forty-two!”

“Are you sure?” the gatekeeper asks.  “According to the hours you billed your clients for, you’re ninety-seven.”

Other than his inexplicable lack of access to good lawyer jokes, I have no complaints about Gimenez’s book.  It’s not a bad murder mystery, but it’s best feature is the portrait of life in Dallas, the actual city in Texas, not the TV series.  His protagonist is a successful young lawyer with a perfect life, which means an enviable income due to all those creatively defined billable hours, a beautiful wife, and a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood.

This is a morality play.  The young lawyer, who was a college football hero, seamlessly transfers his natural determination to win to the practice of law and doesn’t notice the erosion of his code of ethics until he’s confronted with the football equivalent of being asked to throw the game.

Actually, I do have one small quibble with the book:  With all due respect to lawyers who do admirable things, are there really mothers who say to their sons, “Do good.  Be a lawyer.” ?



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