Friday on my Mind


Friday on my Mind by Nicci French, published in 2015, is the second book I’ve read starring  French’s favorite psychotherapist, Frieda Klein.  I soon realized that I already knew this character from a previous book.  She’s the same irritating character that she was then, and I found her annoying in all the same ways.

My main problem with Dr. Klein is that the author provides her with a circle of adoring friends and colleagues, but nothing in the description of the character or her actions explains the extreme way other characters react to her.  Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I assume that she’s physically attractive, although the author modestly avoids any such claims.  She seems to be a kind and honest person, and although I don’t see her pop-psychology responses in conversation as a sign of brilliance, I can forgive them.

In life, a character such as I’ve described (who also prefers to spend evenings alone with her cat or taking long walks around London) might be much appreciated by her clients and have several loyal friends.  In French’s books, however, she’s treated like something between a saint and a rock star, and even has a psychopathic stalker who kills or tortures people he sees as her enemy.

The writing is good, the plot isn’t bad, and on the whole, the book was entertaining, but there is something very unsatisfying about the development of the main character.


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