Doctor Who Meets Edgar Allen Poe


Jack Sparks is the pen name of a thoroughly unpleasant fellow who, together with his equally unpleasant brother, narrates the story in “The Last Days of Jack Sparks”, published by Jason Arnopp in 2016.

Jack’s need to find out whether ghosts exist leads him to research the subject around the globe with the excuse of writing a book debunking the supernatural.  VERY unfortunately for him the things he witnesses, from an exorcism in Italy to a haunted houseboat in Hong Kong, seem to be quite real.  This may be because the world is really full of ghosts, or it may just be how things look to Jack because, as he eventually reveals, he snorts a lot of cocaine.

Arnopp has written for Doctor Who, so he has no problem riffing on the complications of time travel.  The possessions by the devil follow hoary traditions, including yellow eyes, evil smiles, etc.   And as for all the gore – Poe did more with less.

On the whole, it was entertaining.  Strange things happen to Jack Sparks and he reports it all in detail, including his egotism and his addictions to alcohol, drugs, and Facebook.



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