Memory Man


David Baldacci’s books always make for enjoyable reading, and Memory Man, published in 2015, is no exception.  Amos Decker, the protagonist of this story, is a Baldacci character I haven’t met before, a former football player whose severe head injury left him with an altered brain.  Following his brain trauma Decker’s memory is literally perfect – he can never forget anything he ever saw.  This is invaluable in his subsequent career as a police detective.  Fortunately he’s observant, because of course he can’t remember things he never noticed.

In Memory Man, Decker is pitted against a psychopathic killer who seems to have a very personal grudge against him.  But how can there be such a person if Decker has no memory of his supposed offense?

The plot reminded me of how humdrum actual homicide cases must be to force murder mystery authors to dream up such convoluted motives.  In real life husbands murder wives because of jealousy, wives murder husbands to run off with their lovers, and greedy people murder each other for money.  How boring.


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