A Book for Boys


The Last Refuge, published by Ben Coes in 2012, is an entertaining thriller but one definitely written for boys of all ages.  For teenage boys there’s the comic book style plot, which has super hero former SEAL Dewey Andreas sent by the CIA to orchestrate a coup in Pakistan before singlehandedly  taking on the government of Iran.  The Iranians have produced a nuclear bomb and also kidnapped an Israeli commando who saved Andreas’ life during his previous adventure.

Andreas undertakes a daring (not to say impossible) mission in Iran to rescue his friend, helped unofficially by the director of the CIA (what, you don’t believe that?), hoping to neutralize the bomb at the same time.

Maybe college age boys would enjoy the description of a fraternity style drinking game involving Andreas and other supposedly grown up colleagues.  As for the casual way in which Andreas shoots people during his mission, maybe that’s just the way these things are done.

Do men like reading about sex on the dining room table?  Anyone who reads thrillers takes sex-on-the-floor for granted.  Maybe that’s why Coes thought it would be nice to introduce a variation, but the idea of sex on the dining room table was pretty disgusting.  Come to think about it, authors who write those steamy sex-on-the-floor scenes probably have never tried it.  Either that, or they’re much better padded than their fictional characters.


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