Daisy in Chains


Sharon Bolton’s “Daisy in Chains”, published in 2015, is definitely a thriller, but the cover blurb is misleading.  It says, “Would you fall for a serial killer?  Three of his victims did…”  That’s not a true description of what happens in this story, which does, however, involve a serial killer.  The actual plot reaches extremes of unlikelihood, but is so well done and intriguing that I won’t spoil it for possible readers by revealing the true version of events.

The cast of characters includes a handsome doctor who has been convicted of a series of murders of overweight young women, the police detective who serendipitously found the evidence to put him away, and a lovely female lawyer who has succeeded in overturning the convictions of several convicted murderers.  She doesn’t believe that the men she freed were innocent, only that their convictions were improper due to shortcomings by the prosecution, so there’s no reason why she shouldn’t take on the case of the convicted doctor.

Bolton does a good job describing a variety of character types, from domineering parents to body-image-conscious young women, and from men who know they’re  handsome to the nutty groupies who are attracted to them even if they kill people.


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