Black Friday


Black Friday, published by William W. Johnstone (with J.A. Johnstone) in 2016, Is an unapologetically retro  thriller, and I enjoyed it.  The Johnstones don’t bother explaining the obvious, namely that most Moslems aren’t terrorists.  They just create a suspenseful scenario in which a group of Moslems who ARE terrorists take over a giant shopping mall on the most crowded shopping day of the year.

The structure of the plot involves first presenting the individual characters who are planning to be at the mall on the fateful day, ranging from a young punk taking a rare outing with his little sister, to the wheel-chair bound old man he tried to burgle only a few days earlier.  After presenting the personal stories that will make us care about the characters who will be trapped by the terrorists, the authors jump into the action.  The terrorists are bloodthirsty, the crowds  panic, and since such a large crowd will certainly include some people with military or law-enforcement experience, there is also some resistance.  It’s well done, and also makes some points about the conflict between the demands of political correctness and the need to protect the public.



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