The Third Gate


There are many good points about “The Third Gate”, published by Lincoln Child in 2012.  Most important, of course, is that it’s a good read.   It’s an interesting genre, a  combination archeological/supernatural thriller, and I think Child has avoided the many possible pitfalls this involves.  He apologizes for liberties taken with various facets of life in ancient Egypt in service of his plot ( the search for a pharaoh’s tomb), but speaking as someone who likes this kind of thing, I think he’s accurate enough for the amateur reader.  He doesn’t apologize for one of the major characters whose near death experience produced amazingly enhanced psychic abilities.  An apology is due because during this experience her brain was starved of oxygen for fourteen minutes.  This would actually have given her the esp ability of a turnip.

Professor Jeremy Logan is a historian who has developed a sideline as an interpreter of the bizarre.  Explaining the impossible is a rare talent, so of course he’s much in demand and is sent to some interesting places.  I think this character is a great idea, providing Child with the opportunity to follow his obvious interest in various types of unexplained phenomena.  It’s also an interest of mine.  I’ve done my best to share what I have been able to find out about the subject of esp in The Wish to Kill .


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