Hello, I’m Janet Hannah.  Welcome to my blog.

I’m the author of the series of murder mysteries featuring Hungarian born microbiologist Alex Kertész.  The series began with The Wish to Kill, a combination murder mystery and consideration of the limits of the power of thought.  The book asks the question, is it possible to kill someone by wishing it?  I believe the answer is yes, but I hope readers of the book will be able to add to the information I could find on the subject.

The second book in the series, Murder with a French Accent, has no agenda other than providing an entertaining adventure that finds the charismatic scientist in trouble at a biotechnology company in southern France.

Mystery Time, the third book in the series, sees the return of several characters from the earlier books in a mystery that begins with the death of an American microbiologist during a scientific conference in Prague.

In Death of Gypsy, the planned fourth book in the series, Alex’s ability to speak Hungarian will take him to a Gypsy village in Transylvania.

See the Alex Kertész Mysteries on the Janet Hannah page at Amazon.




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