Gone Tomorrow


I was lucky enough to come across a Jack Reacher thriller from 2009 that I hadn’t read.  Lee Child’s “Gone Tomorrow” has plenty of all the elements that have made this series so successful, including an intriguing plot, well-drawn characters, and especially, the almost stream of consciousness reports of Reacher’s observations of every detail of his surroundings, the habit that is one of the bases of his consistent victories over bad guys.  The other important reason that he always come out on top is, of course, his great size combined with superior fighting skills.

In this book, Reacher notices that a fellow passenger on a late night New York subway train displays all of the characteristic signs of a suicide bomber, from the inappropriate bulky clothing to the apparently heavy bag and traumatized look.  He becomes inextricably involved in the plot when he tries to intervene.

Another common element in Reacher’s adventures is the bad behavior of law enforcement agencies.  Do police and various government agencies really run rough shod over the rights of citizens?  Unfortunately, this premise is quite believable.

This is the only occasion I’ll have to voice my complaint about Hollywood’s version of Reacher, so here it is.  Why did they have to chose Tom Cruise for the title role?  Yes, he’s charismatic.  Yes, he’s a good actor.  But he’s a relatively small man who is completely wrong, physically, for the part.  Aren’t there any bankable large male actors?